Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boeing 737 Taking Off from Malaysia's Penang International Airport

We've finally found time to revamp the blogs so like a dusty old 'barn find' that has been pulled from the wretched nether-regions of a long-forgotten garage, lovingly restored and triumphantly presented in all its shining glory, we're wheeling the gearheads blog back out into the sunshine with an appropriately-themed YouTube video.

Gearheads of all types should be able to enjoy this one but aviation buffs will likely get the biggest kick out of this view from the window of an AirAsia Boeing 737 taking off from Penang International Airport. Boeing's 737 has been a huge hit in Asia's rapidly-expanding budget airline sector and these workhorses can be seen dotting the tarmac everywhere from China to Indonesia.

What's your favorite airliner? Is the high-tech, high-volume behemoths like the Boeing 777, 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380, or are you more partial to something a little more intimate like this jet and the Airbus A320? I you're like the team here at gearheads, though, you still can't shake that love affair with the venerable Boeing 747, with the romance and true jet-set feel of that upper deck. Let us know via the comments. We're always keen to hear from like-minded enthusiasts.

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