Monday, March 26, 2012

Mighty Car Mods: Nissan March Super Turbo

Here's a bit of a rarity, at least to readers in the West. Though we're huge fans of the little high-tech minimonsters churned out by Japan in the 1980s and 1990s but the Nissan March Super Turbo is a new to us.

This little beast looks like heaps of fun and thanks to the guys at Mighty Car Mods, it looks to be back to its full-power self. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

Glad you like it guys, I miss that car real bad! such a cool little beast. Horrible suspension but so fast and fun to drive!


Nick said...

I know what you mean about cool and fun. I used to have a Lancia Y10 Turbo with added Abarth alloys goodness.

Not only did that car have the most comfortable seats of any car I have ever tried but it was a total blast and would happily drive around the outside of brand new 911s at roundabouts.

So, where did the car go?

Off-boost, it was about as much use as a teenage Emo with hormone issues.

Once the turbo was spooled-up though, to crib from the back of 1980s VHS tapes, "Laughter and hijinks ensue..."