Sunday, March 11, 2012

Isle of Man - E250 Karting GP - On the Streets of Peel City

So you like going fast on four wheels? Then you should check out this classic on-board video from the Peel kart GP on the Isle of Man.

With low-drag bodywork, these karts are capable of 160mph+ on fast circuits. On the winding Peel city circuit, it's more about cornering but there is still plenty speed enough to make it hurt when you get it wrong and the acceleration is what one calls 'stupid fast'.

I used to enjoy one of these, albeit in only 125cc form (still good for something in the region of 140mph, mind), and I can honestly say there is probably nothing this affordable that can provide anything like the thrills of going from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, easily exceeding 70mph on even short tracks and generating brutal cornering forces.

Fling one of these around a track even for 30 minutes a week and you'll soon develop forearms to rival Popeye. Just make sure those tires are properly warmed up, okay?

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