Friday, December 09, 2005

Hot Cars and Cool Shopping in Bangkok

If you happen to be in Bangkok between December 10 of this year and January 6 of next, and you're into supercars, head on over to the recently-opened (today, actually) Siam Paragon shopping centre.

There are already a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Porsche 911 on static display. From December 10, 2005 to January 6, 2006, you'll be able to feast your eyes on a Ferrari Enzo, Bentley Arnage and Lambos Murcielago and Gallardo Spyder.

The brochure I have says the Murcielago is on show December 10-13 and the Gallardo Spyder from December 14 to January 5.

In other news, they also have a Jaguar S-Type. A good friend who, get this, is actually paid a salary for driving cars and writing about them, said the S-Type is a blast around the Welsh hills. I wouldn't know. Nobody's given me one to try, hills or no.

I spied the new Maserati Quattroporte and the MINI Cooper but, well, how do I say this? Oh yeah, yaawwwnn. The Porsche Boxster is slated to appear somewhere in the vast new retail experience at some point.

Allegedly, Hummers H2 and H3 as well as Ferrari 575 Maranello are also on display but I missed them. It could have something to do with Siam Paragon feeling about as easy to negotiate as JFK airport during a Christmas holidays blizzard.

Don't laugh, it's so damn cold in "The Pride of Bangkok" that I was waiting for it to snow. Hell, I'm Canuckistani and I thought it was freezing at Siam Paragon today. My friend did, too. He's from the Great White North, too. Who knows, Siam Paragon might be the first shopping centre in Bangkok where the cinemas are actually warmer than the shopping centre.

Which suits me on accounta I'm goin pimp myself to da nines, grab ma bitches, ma bling and ma fur coat and order me an Arnage on chrome 20s and an H2 on 28s, namsayin?

This pimp-rollin mack gots a l'il sumpin sumpin going on, yo.

Y'all kin take tha kid out of Detroit but you can't take Detroit out of tha kid. Innit? Or Innuinnit.

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