Monday, December 05, 2005

Cars embedded in my brain at the moment....

A Nissan 240K GT post mopar transplant.

Apparently, the fastest production car in America starts at $654,500 and stops (accelerating) at between 260 and 273 mph.

I still think the coolest car, EVAH, was the Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZR, not least because of that totally rad name, dude.

The Dangan ZZR had circa 660cc, 4wd, 5 valve per cylinder, turbocharging and
intercooling to pull/push a car slightly taller, narrower than and about the same length as a Mini. No, not a MINI, ya doof. That's as wide, wing-mirror to wing-mirror as the "new" Beetle. I recall the Dangan ZZR had something in the region of 64bhp or so.

Unfortunately, none of this class of car were officially available in the west although Mitsubishi brought one to the UK which did the rounds of the
car magazines and succeeded in getting a big thumbs-up from great rally driver Pentti Airikkala. He rated the car as the most fun he had ever driven, which is saying something as he is used to considerably faster machinery and is probably larger than the car

I had a flatmate at the time who worked in Tokyo and remember his impression of one of these little rockets going past: "squeal!! whizz!! whoosh!! bang!! screech!! flutter!! whoosh!! squeal!! whizz!! etc...".

The other Japanese makers all produced similar types of machinery at the time. You can read more by following the Kei Jidosha links.

All gearheads should remember the Honda N and S 600 and 800 coupes and roadsters of the 60s. These were basically motorcycle-engined little monsters that revved to 8000+, produced loads of power but couldn't stop (very poor brakes).

A load of horns.

Best muscle car ever - 1970 Camaro RS/SS?

Bocars are cool.

Any car in which the transmission bolts directly to the rear axle is ok in my book. Cheetahs are cooler AND they make Cobras look sane by comparison.

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