Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brabus Unimog U 500 Black Edition

Peep dis, yo.

Classic Driver calls it "King of the Jungle".

Autoblog thinks "Perhaps only someone the likes of Lara Croft could appreciate the combination of pants-peeing intimidation and black-tie affair elegance..."

I have no idea what the German publication auto motor und sport is saying about this little beastie, recently unveiled at (where else?) the Dubai Motor Show.

Apart from the various shouts of "oh my!", "It's so big and so black!" and..."Is that an Implement Carrier in your pocket or are you just glad you can afford an "ego booster" like this?", they're all probably saying the same thing. DaimlerChrysler/Mercedes-Benz/Unimog/insert execution of corporate professional mutifaceted applications here have just announced this special version of the Unimog

All the usual suspects are there.

Price? Check! (some 275 thou US, yo)

Size? Check! (kind of in the way an NBA player is big - BIG 'n' TALL)

Ridiculously stupid? Check! (stupidly ridiculous)

Overkill button engaged? Check!

Look for it in a rap video near you soon. No doubt by then it will have the de rigeur gold '78 Caddy grille installed, the hydraulics, the UV lighting, the slammin sound system and, most importantly, the 30-inch chrome spinners, namsayin?

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