Saturday, April 07, 2012

Onboard with Morgans at the Montlhéry 2011 Vintage Revival

"I know its a cliche but 'only in France' could you be chasing a tartan Morgan."

Generally speaking, we're not fans of music in motoring videos. If anything, we find it a huge turnoff.
True gearheads want to hear exhaust notes, intake roar, gearbox whine, valvetrain chatter, screaming tires, not some sap's half-cocked idea of music that suitably conveys the majesty of the moment.


Call us wrinkled old curmudgeons if you must but when we were little boys, we didn't need the music to swell or the narrator to scream at us in order to understand when something was impressive.

If anything, we resent the implied argument that were we denied suitable direction, we would also be denied any real understanding and appreciation of just how special is a thing or a moment.

The universe is massive. Dinosaurs were huge, incredible beasts. Mountaineering is dangerous. Formula 1 is loud, fast and exciting. We get it, thank you very much. No need for your music or your 'expert' exhortations.


In this case, we think the music isn't just acceptable, it feels like a proper party guest. And, as pointed out in the video's comments section, the level of wind noise on these kinds of recordings inevitably requires some music to drown it out. You cannot, after all, truly install a microphone 'inside' a Morgan three-wheeler.

So, fire up this video (in half-HD if you can) for a fun if rather bumpy ride around l'Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry, one of the great circuits in motorsports history.


After Indianapolis, Brooklands and Monza, Montlhéry is one of world's earliest large banked oval circuits. Perhaps only Spain's forlorn Sitges Terramar circuit, which today lies in a truly fowl state of ruination, suffers a greater disparity between its former glory and its modern abandonment.

If you still don't appreciate the value of Montlhéry, let us know - we'll send over some music and screaming narration.

Have some more

But wait - that's not all!. We've gone off to find some related videos.

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