Friday, January 06, 2006

1928 Baldwin Pacific 4-6-2 Steam Loco in Thailand

I warned you that this blog would get involved in some pretty nasty geargeekness. Here's an old (how many young ones are there?) steam rail locomotive I photographed in Hat Yai, in southern Thailand a few years ago. Actually, it was almost exactly two years ago today, come to think of it.

Anyway, for the oh, probably five billion or so of you not familiar with such things, this is apparently a 1928 4-6-2 - known as the "Pacific" class - of locomotive, manufactured by the American company Baldwin.

While researching this beast, I've unearthed quite a mass of "enthusiasts" of old steam locos and rail history in SE Asia. Well, we like to call ourselves enthusiasts. Lord only knows what the great washed masses like to call us saddos.

Of course, upon reflection, it's no surprise whatsoever there is such a mass of interest in old trains in Thailand. Even the new trains ain't. And the old ones definitely are.

Well, if you can't summon the money or pressure to get Kyosan Kogyo to "knock one out for old times' sake", you can always build one of these scale Baldwin Pacific 4-6-2s. has a bunch of books and other railroad-related items, much of it from Aristo-Craft/Aristocraft.

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